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Android devices are very popular nowadays because of their mid ranging and quality everyone love to use them. Android OS is basically a Linux based operating system but when we talk about the issues most of the users are facing the big one of them is how to sign out from google play store. I was just surfing  and I found many users have the problem with their play store account they were facing some problem like when they are trying to open google play store then the play store is not working or some authentication/sync or google servers problem so most of the users were have google play store related issues. This post is not useless because in google play store there is no option of log out or sign out. So users feel difficulty to signing out from play store. That’s why I have written this post about how to sign out of google play store account with these top 2 methods. If you face any type of problem comment below so let's start our post.

How To Sign Out From Google Play Store Account

I am moving towards my topic on how to sign out from google play store in android phone or tablet. Both methods are correct it depends on your choice that which you want to use.

1. Sign Our From Play Sore with Default Android Settings

This method is quite simple and easy if you don’t want to use any third party app to sign out your google play store id, then this method is for  you. Google play store don’t gives us any option for signing out directly but you can do this by just tweaking settings.
Follow each and every step to sign out from google play store.
  • From your android phone’s menu open the settings
  • Scroll down and click ‘Accounts’ now when you scroll down to find the accounts tab you will see all of your device account list like google, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other which are you using. You  just have to click on ‘Google’ like as shown in image.
  • After clicking on the google, you will see your google account then tap on the account which you want to log out.
  • When you click on google account the you will get setting for your account. Now go into options of that page and click ‘remove account’. Pop up will be shown for confirmation then again click on remove  account.
  • Now you have successfully sign out from your google play store account.

That all the process ends here now you have successfully logout from your play store account. If  you are facing problem with this method so you can go with another method below.

2. How To Sign Out From Play Store Using Android Logout App

This is different method from 1st one because with this method we can log out our play store id with third party android app. Let me tell you one thing there are plenty of apps available at play store and on Internet that can help you to sign out from google play store. So in this method we will use one of android app named Log Out App which you can download from given below.
  1. First Download the Logout app from Here.
  2. Install it in your phone and Open the app.
  3. After Installing and opening click on ‘ Log out all accounts’
  4. When you click this option this will logout your all account like google accounts, Facebook, WhatsApp every thing.

That’s it you have successfully sign out from google play store, well this is working method but one thing you should keep in mind while logging out your google play store id that logout app will log out from your all accounts like non google products. So first of all make a backup of your passwords and Emails of accounts which you have in your Phone.

So, you have successfully sign out from your google play store account and its very simple, but if you still facing problem with your google play account comment below. Our post how to sign out from google play store’ is ended here. Thanks for reading share this post with your friends to let them know because sharing is carrying J


Hello everyone today I am gonna show you top 20 best torrent websites of 2016 Torrenting websites So as we know that a torrent is a popular software for downloading games, HD movies and much more so several times we use torrent in a day many users feel difficult to find top and best Torrenting sites to download torrent files. So, that’s why I come up with this post to help you by giving this awesome list of top 20 best Torrenting websites for daily use. If  you are still not aware of torrent So first I want to tell you that torrent is PC Internet software which was developed by Eric Klinker , CEO Ashwin Navin Bram Cohen in 2004. Torrent is the online software in which we can download Internet Stuff everyone knows its simple and easy to download anything from torrent. So let's move towards our post about the list of top 20 best Torrenting sites.

Top 20 Best Torrent websites 2016 ( Best Torrenting websites)

List OF Top 20 Best Torrenting websites

This is the list of top 20 best Torrenting websites which I have mentioned below. So quickly scroll down try these all torrent websites and enjoy :)

1. KickAss

You all are familiar with  this torrenting website because it is the most popular torrenting website. If you are not familiar with this torrenting website and you are seeing first time So let me tell you about KickAss. This site was founded in 2009 as a torrenting website and this torrenting site gain a lot of users and attract thousand of torrent users only because of the quality of a site. Let me tell you one thing about this site that this is old torrenting site if you are using torrent for many years so you may know that this torrenting site is very old and now its name is also changed to . KickAss is banned in many countries. So, if you are getting any problem while accessing to this site so you can use proxies or web servers or other country VPNs to use this torrenting website. This is all about KickAss.

2. The Pirate Bay -

The pirate Bay is one of the best torrenting websites of 2016.Pirate Bay is started in mid-September 2003, for sharing files among co-workers. Pirate is the largest directory for Computer Software’s, Games, Musics, Movies, TV Shows and other stuff. Even it is the piracy king, It is SSL encrypted to stop spam attacks. Using this site you  can download Mac software and other stuff, I would say this is Best torrent sites for mac software.

3. IsoHunt

IsoHunt is another best torrenting sites to download your desired torrent file without any hassle. It was started back in 2013, soon after a couple of weeks after its launch, the admin of this site closed this due to some of the copyright issues. Then again he started an IsoHunt to serve for torrent addicts. You’ll notice better user experience and clutter free environment in this good torrent site.

4. Extra Torrent

Extra Torrent is another top torrent website 2016, with tons of torrent files in their directory. You’ll get any kind of file like Musics, Videos, Movies, Software’s, Games, Apps for various platforms are available in Extra torrent. Even you’ll get all pirated software’s, games, and Smartphone apps. This is the reason that Extra Torrent is banned in certain countries. Still you can access Extra torrent by hiding your identity. Overall this is one of the Best torrent sites to download torrent files.

5. Torrentz

Torrentz is another great Best Torrent search engine which performs same as that of the Google! Torrentz helps you to grab your desired torrent files without searching for them manually in Top torrent sites. If you search for some files in Torrentz it’ll provide related files with Size, Uploaded date, No of downloads, No Peers, and Leechers details. I love to download Hindi movies using this torrent site. This is my only hope when I found lost myself in the Torrent World.


EZTV is the best torrenting site that specialized to download TV Shows for free. One of most hot favorite feature that impressed me towards the EZTV is even without registering you can download torrents files. Finally, I can conclude that it is the top torrenting sites 2016 list.


YIFY is another great torrent file downloading site with its huge database of torrents. Though it launched three years back, then all of sudden I’ve noticed that YIFY torrent site started going viral among the torrent freaks. It is damn near impossible to get tons of exposure and audience within the short duration, but YIFY torrent site made it possible. I’m using this site, since past 6+ months I’ll say this is the safe torrent sites to download your torrent files.

8. BitSnoop – Best Torrent Websites 2016

Bitsnoop also remembered in this list with its millions of torrent files its directory. Best part, this site had a team which removes the Trojans and virus-rich torrent files. Also, ban the spam users who upload the Trojans and virus in the form of torrent files. I’ll recommend this safe torrent download site for my loyal readers. This is among best top torrent websites 2016.

9. 1337X 

Actually, 1337X is the community which later turned into one of the best torrent sites. Here the community users upload the torrent files. This site is most popular and well-known in the UK, you’ll notice that most of this site users are from the United Kingdom. I love to download movies using this torrent sites, I’ll say it is the best Top torrent sites for movies . This is among best top torrent websites 2016.

10. LimeTorrent

Lime torrent is another old member of the Best torrent sites, It captured its popularity in the recent times. It has the huge database, which contains your desired torrent file. With the help of Lime torrent, you can download any torrent file either with magnetic URL or using the torrent clients. You can also download books using this torrent sites, I will call this  as top torrent sites for books. This is among best top torrent websites 2016.

11. Mini Nova

Mini Nova is another best torrent site which you check out once. This site is best torrenting site if you are looking to download latest Hollywood  movies for free. Else, you can use this torrent site for android mobile downloads as well like Android games, apps etc. You can also contribute to this torrent site by sharing torrent files there to help them in increasing their database. So, don’t forget to visit this torrent site once if you are not satisfied with other sites which are listed in top torrent sites list.

12. Summo torrent

Summo torrent is basically a torrent search engine from which you can find your favorite torrent from the list of best torrent sites which is sorted on the basis of your keyword. So, if you are not getting success in finding the file of which you are looking for, then simply enter it's named in the search box and according to them it’s a safe way to download torrent files also.

13. Tor Lock

Tor Lock is one of the best torrent sites if you want to get rid of fake torrents. As many sites publish fake torrents which harm our PC and sometimes install spyware or trojans in our PC. So, if you are looking for a torrent site from which you can download safe torrent files, then you must give a try to Tor Lock.

14. Rarbg

Rarbg is undoubtedly one of the best torrenting sites from which you can download torrents for free. Rarbg provides torrent files of Movies, Games, Music, Software, Trailers etc. The thing which I don’t like about this torrent site is that this site uses pop ads which are very annoying.

15. Torrent Hound

Torrent Hound is the best torrent site for safe torrents, which you must try for torrenting. As Torrent Hound is one of the safest torrent sites which I personally believe on my experience. So, if you are looking for safest torrent sites from a long time, then you must try out Torrent Hound once. Moreover, it is one of the best torrent sites for latest Bollywood movie downloads because this site uploads latest Bollywood movies almost on the same day of release.

16. Torrent Box

TorrentBox is one of the best torrent sites which you must try out. I had updated this post of top torrent sites to add this site to list especially. UI of this torrent site is modern and well polished. You can search for your favorite files from Search Box. To be frank, this is my favorite torrent site.

17. SeedPeer 

SeedPeer is one of the best torrenting sites to download verified torrent. SeedPeer provides Torrent search, Browse categories, Verified torrents, statistics. Moreover, you can upload torrent as well. SeedPeer is available in many languages like English, Chinese, Russian etc.

 18. Torrent Funk

Torrent Funk is one of my favorite torrent sites. Torrent Funk provides verified torrents and that’s the reason that I have listed it on the list of best torrent sites. Alexa Rank of Torrent Funk is 4192 (which is super awesome). I am damn sure that you will love this torrent site after trying it once. The only thing which we do not like of this site is that this site has a clutter of ads which is a bit disappointing other than this problem it is one of the best torrent site ever launched.

19. Torrent Reactor

Torrent Reactor is best torrent site if you are looking for a site with a cool interface which has a huge database of files with less number of ads. You can find most active torrents on the web on this site. You can also check the health of any torrent from health meter which can give a rough idea of any torrent file.

20. Demonoid – Best torrent forum site

Demonoid is one of best torrent forum site. Basically, this is the best torrent site for you if you like to interact with people who are having similar interests to you. Moreover, you can discuss with other people before downloading any torrent file if it is virus free. Using Demonoid is a bit time-consuming task but it’s best torrent site from where you can get high-quality torrents.

So these were the top 20 best torrenting websites of 2016. I have mentioned many torrent websites If I miss any best torrent website or I you have any suggestion feel free to use the comment box below.



Wanna Increase FPS and gaming performance ?

Most GPU'S have a bit of space to overclock with and there is one way to do it is with MSI Afterburner.
Okay so let's start...
The first thing is you want to do is increase you power offset 
to to the maximum (20%)

Then the next thing is core clock, so find you default core clock and as an example i say it's 1000mhz, The best way is to increase slowly maybe 1050 at first then click ok.
After running pc  for 2 hours you should have a cool idea for your temp. If heated up, increase it another 50 mhz, and repeat the stress test for about 25 minutes.

Repeat the same thing memory clock as with core clock.
And do not mess with voltage unless you know what you're doing if your temp getting high, turn on your fan speed. turn it upto 100%
Important: noise is something to consider when overclocking, due to the increased heat.


Now a days smartphones are very common every one use them for many purposes they are like our personal assistant which manages our half of the work and entertain us because we play games and browsing Internet with no difficulty and we can also earn free recharge from android apps So today I will show you top 10 mobile recharge applications for mobiles phones So read the full post or just see the apps which I have mentioned below. The apps below are highest earning recharge apps for android phones so dont worry these all are working and I also checked some of these apps on my phone. So you can easily download any of these apps to earn free talktime and earn free recharge for your mobile phone.

How Free Mobile Recharge application Works 

So now If you have question in your mind that how these free recharge apps works So here is the answer: 'A Free mobile recharge app pays you whenever you download any other app on your phone or complete any offer from that app. Though most of these apps will pay you via mobile recharge.'
So its not scam or any thing else which you are thinking when you complete offers so they will give you free recharge or talk time.

List Of Top 5 Best Free Recharge Apps For Android Phones 2016

Here is the list of top 10 best free mobile recharge applications for mobile phones

1. mCent

Top 5 Mobile Recharge Applications for Mobile Phones 2016

mcent is free recharge android app to get free recharge and talktime. You can earn RS 10 to 15 by just downloading apps and completing simple offers and If you complete some offers or join their refering program then you can earn upto 100 to 200 easily so mcent is the best free recharge app on our list. Lets talk about some of the features of mCent.

2. Earn Talktime App

Top 5 Mobile Recharge Applications for Mobile Phones 2016

Earn talktime app is best mobile recharge app on android phone with this app you can earn easily upto RS 30 to 40 by completing offers and 100 to 200 by just inviting your friends and relatives to this app So you can easily earn good recharge with this app. This apps is working fine we have checked this app.

3. Free Plus

Top 5 Mobile Recharge Applications for Mobile Phones 2016

FreePlus is another great app for earning free mobile recharge using your Android smartphone. This app will be an excellent choice if you want to make money through  referring people, just go for it.
You can download this app by clicking the download button below. you can easily earn good amount of free recharge with this app.

4. Pocket Money

Top 5 Mobile Recharge Applications for Mobile Phones 2016

Pocket money is another android free recharge app which allow its users to earn good amount of recharge. Pocket money gives you free mobile recharge for completing offers and downloading apps. One good thing about Pocket money it provides you pay high rates just like mCent. You can earn Rs:20 per user for referring people to pocketmoney app. You  can download pocketmoney from below.

5. Taskbuck App

Last but not the least taskbuck app is also good android application to earn free recharge for your mobile phone. The main task Bucks works too on the familiar Download apps to get Recharge, but it also has payment options for getting paid for visiting websites , filling forms as well as sharing articles to your friends!. Once you install any application through it, Open the installed application for about 30 Seconds and then leave it. Your  credits will be credited to your account which can be redeemed for Mobile Recharges.

So these were the top 5 best mobile recharge application for mobile phones 2016. All of these apps are working fine we have checked all of them. So you can use them without any problem. If you find any free recharge app best you can suggest us in our comment. Thanks for reading this post till then peace and blessings :)


One of the most impressive ways to customize your smartphone is to install a launcher. Launchers provide tons of options, themes and icons for your handset, as well as offering near complete control over how your phone performs when switching screens, launching apps and more. Here are the best Android launchers for your smartphone.

#3 Apex Launcher
Apex Launcher is one of the most popular custom launchers available right now, with more than million downloads from the Play Store and an average rating of 4.3 stars. It offers near-endless customization options, complete home screen and app drawer control, gesture settings, and tons of icons, themes, launch animations and transition effects. There's also a paid version, which adds even more features to the already-formidable free launcher.

#2 ''Hola Launcher''

Hola launcher is the best launcher in our list it consists Hola Launcher has made a name for itself, largely thanks to how economical it is. The initial download comes in at just over 1 MB, and with that comes a reorganized interface, new app icons and some gorgeous themes. But it's not just its file size that is slim, Hola is also hard to beat on its use of processing power – it requires less RAM than even some of the quickest Android Launchers. 

#1 Go Launcher

GO Launcher EX has had more than one hundred million installations, and has a 4.5-star rating, making it the unparalleled Android launcher extraordinaire. GO is as polished a free launcher as you can find, and features some excellent animations and 3D effects. The downside of GO Launcher is that there is a lot of cross-promotion,which can get a little annoying.


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