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Snapchat is an amazing and cool socializing app with many features. Snapchat is very popular among youngsters. With every new update, the company brings new surprises to its users, but most of the users probably don't know snapchat tricks and it's unique and hidden features. While only snapping and chatting you can do more tweaks and tricks with snapchat. It's been years snapchat has launched its app, it is growing day by day with around 500 million downloads only in android. It's available on android as well as iOS devices. So without wasting your time, I'll show you top best 17 cool snapchat tricks and tips. These snapchat tips will blow your mind.

Top 17 new cool snapchat tricks

List of 17 new cool snapchat tricks

#1 Use multiple filters at a time

One of the best experience while snapping is adding different filters on our photo. While adding only one geo-filter, how about using more than 1 filter. If you want to use multiple filters for your snapchat photo, you don't have to worry about. Just select a pic or take a snap. Swipe over your photo like you does while adding the first filter with your finger. It's just simple you have to swipe your two fingers in opposite direction and choose the best filter fits on your photo.      
Now you can easily try different filters at a time.
You can only use three filters at one time.

Top 17 new cool snapchat tricks

#2 Save Your Battery and Data with Traveler mode

If you’re traveler this feature is for you, as snapchat takes a lot of battery of your phone. You can enable this feature, to save your phone's battery life. Traveler mode reduces Snapchat’s mobile data usage. You can also hibernate this app with greenify app if you are using android you can download greenify. To turn on traveler mode follow these steps:
  • Open the app and go to settings.
  • Now swipe down and click on ‘manage preferences’
  • Toggle on the traveler mode right after filter option.
Top 17 new cool snapchat tricksTop 17 new cool snapchat tricks

Traveler mode saves cellular data. If you have limited data bundle. This built-in feature prevents snaps and stories to downloading automatically.

#3  Unlock all the snapchat trophies 

Snapchat has added trophies to get its users addicted for snapchat. Yeah, it's pretty cool these trophies are awesome. They enhance your presence in snapchat world. So how to get them?
There is no big trick or anything to get these emoji trophies. You can earn these trophies while scoring more and more. These are just amazing it shows your profile image to your friends that how much high-end user you are.

#4 Add more privacy: Who Can Contact You!

If you want more privacy and don't want to add strangers, set up who can contact you. So, your friends and family will only contact you. You can set these options in 'Snapchat's Settings' In this settings section you'll find options for who can contact you or 'View my story' or who can see me in 'Quick add' section.

  • Open snapchat app
  • Swipe down to profile and click on settings icon
  • Slide down and select who can contact you.
  • Select only friends.
  • Same as select this option for your story.
Top 17 new cool snapchat trickssnapchat tips

#5 Make more friends with Quick add feature

If you use snapchat and want to make more friends. So, don't worry you can make more friends with its Quick add feature. It's another built-in feature of snapchat which allows users to be visible on other snap chatters accounts. So, you can make more friends quickly. Quick chat helps friends to find each other on snapchat. You might appear in other snap chatter's Quick add if you share mutual friends or other connections.

Plus point: You can make friends by scanning friend's snap code or by using GPS nearby feature.

#6 Create your Own Bitmojis

Bitmoji is your own personal emoji which you can use in your chats. You can create your own bitmoji to make your chats and stories beautiful.
Bitmoji is a third party app you have to download it to use in by connecting the bitmoji app with snapchat, it's easy. Send bitmoji’s in your chat and stick them on snaps by connecting your bitmoji account with snapchat.
How to create bitmoji for snapchat

  • Open snapchat app
  • Swipe down and tap the ‘+create bitmoji’ button.
  • You will be taken to bitmoji app
  • Download the bitmoji app
  • After downloading connect the account with snapchat
snapchat tricks and tips

Done! Now create expressive cartoon avatars and pick from a huge library of stickers featuring you.

#7 Zoom In Easily with one hand while making videos

Zooming in while making videos in snapchat is very difficult, you have to keep holding the capture button while pinch to zoom. It's very difficult to do both at the same time. However, snapchat added a new cool feature to zoom in easily while capturing videos. You just have to simply press hold the capture button and smoothly slide upward to zoom in. The zoom in feature only works with the Back camera.

#8 Make your own geo-filters

Geo filters are an awesome way to make snaps attractive and good. Geo-filters show location or landmark filters. Currently, snapchat has two types of filters Community and on-demand filters.
Community filters are from the company and on-demand filters are from users. Yes, you can also create your own demand filter. Creating geo-filter is not easy as you think, you have to follow snapchat guidelines to get approved your geo filter. you can see more details here.

snapchat tricks

#9 Find Songs without knowing their name with Shazam

  Have you ever been in a situation where you listen to a song but don't remember their name, you want to download it but you can't! because you don't know its name. So, don't worry now it's easy to find songs with shazam. Shazam is a third party app to recognize songs. If you already have shazam on your phone, delete it because shazam is now integrated into snapchat. Now you can recognize all songs easily.

shazam tricks

To recognize a song all you need to do is to open snapchat app and press & hold the camera interference. Shazam will automatically recognize that song for you.

#10 Take Screenshot without Notifying Users

Snapchat has its own unique features and functions which make it different from other social networking apps. One of them is notifying sender about screenshots which users take. Sometimes we want to take a screenshot on snapchat but the user gets notified. If you want to take a screenshot without being caught. You are at a right place, you can do this by following simple steps.

  • Open the snapchat app
  • open the chat thread 
  • Turn off the data connection and open airplane mode.
  • Now take a screenshot and close the application
  • open app info setting and clear cache.
Top 17 new cool snapchat tricks

After following all the steps switch off airplane mode and turn on data connection. use the application as usually.

#11 Use night mode camera 

Filters and lenses make our snaps look awesome and attractive. The camera result and filters play the main role in our snaps. But sometimes in the night time, we can't take snaps because of darkness. If you've been in the same situation you can use night mode camera to take snaps easily.

When you use snapchat in lil darkness, then a half moon icon will appear in the upper right corner of the mobile screen. Tap it to enable night mode.
Top 17 new cool snapchat tricks

#12 Pin emoji move with object

Emoji beautify and express our feelings in a photo but how about adding an emoji on moving target of a video. It'll look great and awesome. You can easily attach emoji in a moving object of a video.

  • Make a video focussing on moving the target.
  • After recording video tap on emoji icon for emoji's and select one emoji you want.
  • Manage the size of emoji accurately with the target.
  • Tap and hold the emoji on moving an object to stick it with the target.
Top 17 new cool snapchat tricks

 #13 Build your story playlist

Sometimes you might not want to see all the stories which your friends and family posted. So don't worry you can make a story playlist to see only selective friend's stories on your screen. '
You can make a playlist of your own by tap the story button on your snapchat app and add friends to your playlist to make a playlist and its done. Now you'll only see selective friends in your snapchat story section.

#14 Use snapchat color text to make more filters

So, you want to add your own color filters in your snapchat photos, but you don't know how to create them. you're at right place. Now you can easily make your own color filters.
How To Do It

  • Take a snap 
  • Tap on text icon on snapchat app
  • write an alphabet
  • Zoom in that letter until it works as a filter.
snapchat color filters

#15 Change the emoji of the friend's profile

Changing the friend emojis is a fun. friends emoji are the emojis which you can find on their profiles.
You can change your friend emojis easily by following the steps below:

  • Open snapchat app and go to settings
  • Now here, go to 'manage'
  • Tap on friend's emoji
  • Now replace the emoji which you want.
friends emoji snapchat

#16 Add more than one text line to your snap

Adding text to our snaps is fun and it's like a caption for our photo. We can add 1 line in our snap but if you want to write a small paragraph in, your photo you can do it by following the steps below:

  • Open the 'notes' app or any text app in your phone
  • Create empty lines by tapping return button rapidly.
  • now copy the whole empty line and paste in your text field
  • Now write what you want!
friends emoji snapchat

#17 Turn Bitmoji into Home screen widgets

If you are using snapchat to connect with your best friends and for chatting, you need this cool snapchat trick. You can turn bitmoji into home screen widget to connect your buddies right there.
For that purpose, you have to download the bitmoji app and link your bitmoji account with snapchat app. Now close the app and go to 'widget Section' and grab a widget into your home screen.
Now you'll be taken to the snapchat app now select the friend, which you want to add on your home screen.
turn bitmoji in homescreen widgets snapchat

Few Words From Author:

These were some of the top best 17 new cool snapchat tricks. These snapchat tricks are hand picked and tested many times. If we have missed any trick or you want some addition in this article to feel free to contact us at  now speak your mind in comment section we love to see your responses. Do share this post with your friends and keep visiting.


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How to copy photos from iPhone to Mac

How To Copy Photos From iPhone To Mac

Here i will show you  how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac

Transfer Photos from iPhones to Mac by Using Data Cable

Step 1. Connect your iOS device to your Mac using the USB to iOS cable.

Step 2. iPhoto should open automatically, but if it doesn’t open the app.

Step 3. Select the pictures you wish to import, or select “Import All.”

Step 4. After the pictures have been imported, you will see a pop up message asking if you wish to delete the original from your iOS device. Select “Delete Photos” or “Keep Photos".

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Transfer Photos From iPhone to mac using iCloud

Step 1: On your iOS Device, open Settings app > iCloud > Photos

Step 2: Turn on My Photo Stream on your iOS device.

Step 3: On your Mac, open Preferences > iCloud > Select Photos.

Step 4: Open iPhoto on your OS X computer.

Step 5: Select iCloud to see pictures that are automatically synced from your iOS device.
If you have any query feel free to ask me in comments 

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