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Hey, guys, today the post is about the review of an amazing app Psiphon 3. If you aren't familiar and have never used before. So, I suggest you read the whole review till the end  to know interesting features of this app. Previously Psiphon 3 was only available for android platform. People were searching Psiphon 3 for PC also. Now it's available on both platforms, windows as well as android. All versions of windows are compatible with this app. You can download Psiphon for PC down below.

Millions of people in over 200 countries around the planet are already connecting to the Internet using Psiphon app, the most robust circumvention tool on the web. Psiphon facilitates access to websites and services which are censored, blocked, or otherwise unavailable, no matter where you are in the world. Whether you can’t access your favorite news broadcast today, or want to provide an extra layer of protection when using public WiFi services, Psiphon widnowsis the best tool for accessing the open Internet.

 Download  Psiphon 3 for PC

Psiphon 3 for pc

What Is Psiphon 3?

Psiphon 3 is a censorship solution that allows users to connect their device to access block websites and special services. Psiphon 3 is a project of Psiphon Inc, this company is working since 2008 to make this app better for its users. This app helps you to surf safely and securely throughout the Internet without fear of security. By accessing this app you can use public wiFi without fear of credential leaks. The app is specially designed to provide its users an open access online content.

How Does It Work?

Psiphon works with VPN, ssh, and HTTP to provide you freedom. It works as a VPN client where you’ll connect and surf online. Psiphon for pc automatically starts connecting when you run it on your PC or android device. Connection to the Psiphon server is established when the green icon is displayed. In VPN modes, all the traffic automatically tunnel through Psiphon. You can use Psiphon vpn to connect.

Why Download Psiphon 3

Yes, there should some reasons to download this app.

  • If you are living in a freedom restricted country by using this app you will be free from censorship.
  • Want to surf securely while using Public WiFi? Psiphon gives you full security and Privacy.
  • Censored or authenticate by your college campus? Psiphon will get you where you want to go.
  • If your college or neighbors WiFi asks for account login, use this app to solve this problem.

Top Best Features of Psiphon 3 (Video)

  •  Free for personal use.
  •  Easy to download and install. No registration, subscription, or configuration required.
  •  Automatic selection of protocols to provide effective, reliable circumvention every time.
  • View how much traffic you have used with in­ app stats tracking.
  •  Featured on
  •  Psiphon is an open­source project subject to credible security auditing and open review. To find our source code and design documents, visit the project homepage:
Just check the official site of psiphon 3.

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I am sure you've download Psiphon 3 for pc. Let me know if you have any problem use comment box.



Now a days smartphones are very common every one use them for many purposes they are like our personal assistant which manages our half of the work and entertain us because we play games and browsing Internet with no difficulty and we can also earn free recharge from android apps So today I will show you top 10 mobile recharge applications for mobiles phones So read the full post or just see the apps which I have mentioned below. The apps below are highest earning recharge apps for android phones so dont worry these all are working and I also checked some of these apps on my phone. So you can easily download any of these apps to earn free talktime and earn free recharge for your mobile phone.

How Free Mobile Recharge application Works 

So now If you have question in your mind that how these free recharge apps works So here is the answer: 'A Free mobile recharge app pays you whenever you download any other app on your phone or complete any offer from that app. Though most of these apps will pay you via mobile recharge.'
So its not scam or any thing else which you are thinking when you complete offers so they will give you free recharge or talk time.

List Of Top 5 Best Free Recharge Apps For Android Phones 2016

Here is the list of top 10 best free mobile recharge applications for mobile phones

1. mCent

Top 5 Mobile Recharge Applications for Mobile Phones 2016

mcent is free recharge android app to get free recharge and talktime. You can earn RS 10 to 15 by just downloading apps and completing simple offers and If you complete some offers or join their refering program then you can earn upto 100 to 200 easily so mcent is the best free recharge app on our list. Lets talk about some of the features of mCent.

2. Earn Talktime App

Top 5 Mobile Recharge Applications for Mobile Phones 2016

Earn talktime app is best mobile recharge app on android phone with this app you can earn easily upto RS 30 to 40 by completing offers and 100 to 200 by just inviting your friends and relatives to this app So you can easily earn good recharge with this app. This apps is working fine we have checked this app.

3. Free Plus

Top 5 Mobile Recharge Applications for Mobile Phones 2016

FreePlus is another great app for earning free mobile recharge using your Android smartphone. This app will be an excellent choice if you want to make money through  referring people, just go for it.
You can download this app by clicking the download button below. you can easily earn good amount of free recharge with this app.

4. Pocket Money

Top 5 Mobile Recharge Applications for Mobile Phones 2016

Pocket money is another android free recharge app which allow its users to earn good amount of recharge. Pocket money gives you free mobile recharge for completing offers and downloading apps. One good thing about Pocket money it provides you pay high rates just like mCent. You can earn Rs:20 per user for referring people to pocketmoney app. You  can download pocketmoney from below.

5. Taskbuck App

Last but not the least taskbuck app is also good android application to earn free recharge for your mobile phone. The main task Bucks works too on the familiar Download apps to get Recharge, but it also has payment options for getting paid for visiting websites , filling forms as well as sharing articles to your friends!. Once you install any application through it, Open the installed application for about 30 Seconds and then leave it. Your  credits will be credited to your account which can be redeemed for Mobile Recharges.

So these were the top 5 best mobile recharge application for mobile phones 2016. All of these apps are working fine we have checked all of them. So you can use them without any problem. If you find any free recharge app best you can suggest us in our comment. Thanks for reading this post till then peace and blessings :)


Almost all of us have Gmail accounts and sometimes we create more than one account depends on needs but deleting a Gmail account is a little bit confusing because it's little bit tricky. So if you are in the same problem so you are at right place There may be several reasons for deleting an account. So if you want to delete your Gmail account permanently immediately So here I will show you how to delete Gmail id permanently immediately with these simple and easy steps. So let's start our post In this post I will only write a few simple tricks to delete your Gmail account permanently.

How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently Immediately

These are simple steps follow these steps and see images to understand better.

Step 1: Open your browser and click on top right column in your profile picture and click on your Gmail account setting as you can see in image below

Step2: Now on the account page you will see some options click on Account overview and the click on the option 'delete your account or service'.

Step3:If you want to delete your gmail id then click on 'delete product' or If you want to delete the whole account then click on delete google account over to you.


This is simple trick in which you can delete Gmail account properly this is very easy trick choose the right option If you want to delete only specific product of google the click on delete products In this option you can delete your Gmail account, blogger account, youtube account, google drive etc you can delete your id from these types of google product or If you want to delete the whole google account along with all the products the click on the option 'delete google account' this will delete your full google account along with its products. If you have any more question or If i miss any thing or any suggestion will be appreciated or If you face any problem use comment box below.



I am using broadband long time but the problem with my service provider is they are not telling exactly or internet speed so i decided to check my internet speed online, So I have founded top 10 Best Site To Check Internet Speed, If you are also looking for reliable internet speed test, so you are at right place read the full post, before starting speed test make sure you close all your windows or new tabs and make sure you are not downloading anything during speed test, If you do so then it can be a problem for speed checker to test your Internet speed. 
Best Site to check Internet Speed

Top 10 Best Sites To Check Internet Speed

These are the top 10 websites which I often use to check my broadband Internet Speed.


Speed Test is one of  my favourite and recommended website to check internet speed, it is one of the best site to check internet speed online, you can check your downloading, Uploading and Ping Speed for free with this tool. Speed test also checks power boost which is offered by many broadband companies to give speed in downloading. If you are finding reliable internet speed test so check out this free website. You can go to this site via this link.

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2. Intel Speed Test

Intel speed test is one of the best and reliable internet speed test checker tool to check internet speed and this is recommended for online gamers which are multiplayer games to check their ping speed to play multiplayer games easily without connection problem. Intel speed test. This one of the great tool to check net speed online for free. you can visit this site via this link.

3. is the modern and reliable internet speed checker tool.  measure the speed of your internet connection using Speedtest from Find out now how fast your PC and mobile connections are. is modern DSL  speed test to analyze the speed of your broadband connection.

4. Wire Speed Test

Wire Speed Test is not waiting for you click to tell you speed when you open this site it will automatically tell your internet speed within a second, one thing I am not like this tool it doesn't ask before running internet speed test, but it is really awesome and it is very fast. When you land on this site within a second you will see your speed without waiting, you can visit this site by clicking on this link.

5. Bandwidth Place

Bandwidth is another best tool to find Internet Speed Online For Free, with this tool you can find your uploading, Downloading and ping speed. To check speed in bandwidth place tool just click on start button to test speed. You can visit bandwidth place via this link.

6. McAfee Speed Test

McAfee Speed Test is also the great tool to specify internet speed online for free you can visit McAfee speed test website via this link.

7. Kify Internet Speed Test

The Bandwidth Meter speed test will check the bandwidth of your Internet connection against top DSL, cable modem, and other broadband services, You can visit Kify Internet Speed Test Via this link.

8. Speak Easy

Speak easy is a well-known Internet speed test tool. Using this tool you can determine your accurate internet speed. The US based servers will help you to view the complete list of the speed’s of all of your tests  This helps you to compare the speed of your internet connection to the Average of all others. You can visit speak easy site via this link.

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9. Cnet Speed Checker

Cnet is one of the grdeat website on the internet which provides the reviews and information’s of new products as well as software’s. They have an internet speed test tools also. This is a Good tool to know the speed of your internet. You can visit cnet speed checker via this link.

10. Ping Test

Ping test is also the best tool to find internet speed it is also created by the same guy who created and it is the best tool to determine internet speed Online for free you can visit ping test website via this link.

So these are the top 10  tools to check Internet Speed, I hope you guys find this post helpfull If you have any query so feel free to ask me in comment section and also do share this post with your friends.

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Android Phone are big source of Entertainment for everyone especially for children and Youngsters they used to play games on it, so that's why everyone like android phones cause they change the way of our lifestyle especially in Games now a days we can play high-quality graphic games in our smart phone without any problemAndroid phone are now very ordinary everyone can buy the android phone because of their cheap price. Android phones are cheap in price and because of their high-quality performance and everyone loving it. Android phones contain our huge persnol data some times we misplaced our phone or our phone stole by someone and we have also don’t have any tracking app.
Have you ever lost your Smartphone without having a device tracking app installed?
Then you should read this full guide to track your Android Phone

Method 1: Track your Device with Android Device Manager

Android device manager is built in tool from google to track your android device, for this purpose make sure your
Google account is connected with your device
The device has access to Internet.
Make sure Android Device manager is turned on by default.
If you think you are satisfied with these 3 requirements then follow these 3 steps
1. Login to your Google’s Android device manager.
2. You will be seeing directly all of your active android phones.
3. Click on your lost or stolen android phone now map will open and your mobile will located. If you find your phone nearly then you can do only three things from ADM website you can Ring and lock your android phone remotely and erase your phone’s data.

You can also locate your phone if your device is connected to google account and access internet then open in your PC and search for the phrase “Where is My Phone” and hit enter google tell you where it last time located. Now you can find your phone on that place. If you are not able to locate your android phone in this way may be any one disconnect your google account from your device or your device is not connected to internet. So keep trying to locate in this way if your phone is not even located with this method then try another method but if the thief or any one disconnect your Google Account from your device then I think it’s impossible to locate your android device.


Facebook is leading social networking site created by Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook allows users to Share their Photos, Pictures and Videos with their friends and relatives. Facebook is basically connecting millions of people in one platform and make them as a friend. Facebook allows users to Chat with their friends and relatives even they can call them via fb. Facebook is a great social networking site cause it helps people to grow their business via promoting on Facebook. Now here i am going share another amazing Facebook tricks to make single Facebook account. As per rule it is not possible to Make account on Facebook without Last name. But if you want to make your Facebook profile with First name without using last name then simply follow my given steps.

Steps to Make Single Name On Facebook

Part 1: Proxy Settings for Browser

  • To Make Single Name on facebook we have to add proxy settings in browser. We have to change our Proxy settings to Indonesian proxy. 
  • To add proxy in your browser we have to download extension called "Hola" you can download this extension from HERE.
  • After downloading install this extension in your browser Chrome or Firefox.
  • Turn on Hola and search for Indonesia and select it.
  • So there is no need to add proxy manually it will automatically implement proxy.

Part 2: Settings to Make Single name account on FB

  • After doing proxy settings got to
  • Change your language to Bahasa Indonesia as shown in Image.
  • After that your Facebook Account is only using First Name and you will see that Last Name Hide.
  • After completing all steps turn off hola and change your language to default.



Android phone are now very ordinary everyone can buy the android phone because of their performance. Android phones are cheap in price and because of their high-quality performance and everyone loving it. In old phones, it was very difficult to transfer files via Bluetooth because it takes time even 10 to 15 MB file take 2 to 3 minute to transfer via Bluetooth. In android phones, many users don’t know about WiFi transfer. WiFi transfer is a great feature in many android phones, which allows transferring files between two smartphones via WiFi Transfer feature. It is necessary both phones have this feature. Actually All android phones have this feature if any android phone doesn’t have this feature. So don’t worry it's possible to use WiFi transfer with third party apps. So today we discuss some third party apps which rock the speed of transferring.

Here are some apps for WiFi transferring.

1. Zapya

Zapya Allusefultricks
Zapya is WiFi transferring app. Zapya, which is developed by Dew mobile. Zapya is the best app to transfer GBs of files in seconds. Zapya allows users to transfer apps, audio or MP3, Images, Videos, Documents like PDF version or Text files, Zip files, Apk files (which are not installed in your phone but stored in SD Card or Internal storage) and you can choose from SD Card as well internal storage to transfer files. Zapya is the best app because it allows users to transfer their Files to iOS Devices. It means you can transfer files to iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices. You can also connect to ordinary PC which support WiFi or which has WiFi. Zapya has a great feature Night Mode.
Note: It is necessary that both android phones or iOS Device or Laptops have Zapya installed.

How to Use Zapya for sharing files.

Step 1: Download Zapya in below image.
Step 2: Install it in your phone and run it.
Step 3: Now it will ask you ‘create Group’ or ‘search and join’.
Step 4: Ask your friend to open Zapya in his phone and click on create Group.
Step 5: Now in your phone click on ‘search and join’ option your phone will detect his  device and then you receive a message click on Got it.
Step 6: Now you can share all files and app within seconds.

2. Xender 

Xender is also the best WiFi transfer app available in play store.
Xender is best app to transfer apps, games, files like HD videos, songs and GBs of files in 1 or 2 minutes. Xender is the best app to transfer files between two android phones or with a computer. You can transfer all types of files like apps, games, music and Movies.
Xender allows to transfer between Android device with iOS devices isn't cool, you can also transfer files between your android phone with PC or laptop. Xender is a powerful app to transfer file between two devices. Xender supports 12 languages. Xender is extremely fast it take seconds to transfer files. Xender doesn't require any USB cable or data plan, it is simple and easy to use.

How to use Xender:
Step 1: Download Xender in below image.
Step 2: Install it in your phone and run it.
Step 3: Now it will ask you ‘create Group’ or ‘search and join’.
Step 4: Ask your friend to open Xender in his phone and click on create Group.
Step 5: Now in your phone click on ‘search and join’ option your phone will detect his  device then click on it.
Step 6: Now you can share all files and app within seconds.
Xender app Get it on Google play All Useful Tricks

3.SHAREit-Connect and transfer

Share it is the WiFi transfer android application, Share it is the top app to transfer all types of files like Apps, Games, Music or Audio files, Movies, PDF documents etc. Share it is a great  tool to transfer files between two phones or PC. There is no data or network restriction to use Share it application. Share it is amazing and extremely fast WiFi transfer app, it is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. The highest speed of Transfering files from Share it is 20m/s. Share it is cross platform for Phones, PC, Tablets, Android Phones, Window Phones, iOS, as well as Window XP/7/8. You can transfer files between your android phone to PC. The big feature of Share it is you can clone your contacts, Messages, MMS, Music, Videos, apps and other data from your old phone to new one with just one click. Share it is advanced tool to transfer files
Share it is very easy to use it is similar to Zapya and Xender with minor difference of look.



In old phones, we can only make calls and text messages. At that time we don’t have any type of features to listening to songs, watch movies or surf over the internet but nowadays these feature on Android phones and other smartphones. Android phones are used worldwide. They are very cheap in cost so, anyone can afford the android phone. Android phones are a great source of entertainment. Because of their High RAM, Quality processors, and HD graphics people loving it especially children love to play games. Android phones are complete with desktop Computers and Laptops in many aspects including apps, Games, Entertainment, and the internet etc. We download our data and important apps in our phone. We listen to songs, Watch Movies and playing Games. We also surf  the internet. Android phones are best portable devices for internet access. Many times we want the internet but we can not always keep Broadband with us. We can buy USB dongle for internet access. But why we buy another USB Dongle we can connect our android phone with PC and other devices for Internet Access. Make sure you have Internet Data plan for share internet. 
tether android with PC

Method: 1 Share Android Internet with Data Cable

Windows 7 onwards support tethering but window XP doesn’t support.
If you have window XP try another method.

Step 1: First of all go to ‘settings’ click on ‘More Wireless’ then ‘Tethering and USB Portable
Step 2: Connect your android phone with PC via data cable.
Step 3: Click on ‘USB Tethering’
Step 4: Now check your computer or laptop you will PC is connected to The internet.

Method: 2 Share Android Internet with PC via Bluetooth

You can share android internet with PC via Bluetooth please make sure that your PC or Laptop have Bluetooth  If you haven’t bought a new one.
Window XP and onwards support this method
Step 1: Open your phone Bluetooth from settings make sure your device is discoverable.
Step 2: Go to menu ‘settings’ click on ‘more wireless’ then ‘tethering and portable hotspot’.
Step 3: Now click on Bluetooth Tethering.
Step 4: Go to your PC desktop there is an icon of Bluetooth left click on it then ‘join a personal area network’ click on it now connect your device with PC as shown in the image.

Method 3: Share Android Internet with PC By Third party apps

There are also many tethering apps which allow users to connect with PC and share internet. Some of them I have described here.

Easy Tether Pro

tether android with PC

Easy tether pro is mobile stream app which was developed by the mobile stream in 2011. This is the best app to tether your device with PC or Laptop it can also support Bluetooth tethering its very easy to use this app. I am showing you how to use it.
Step 1: Download Easy tether pro from HERE.
Step 2: Run Easy tether pro and click on ‘USB settings’ then ‘USB setup wizard’ choose the OS if you have a window then click on ‘windows setup’ and ‘download to Smartphone and copy’ then easy tether pro will be downloaded for PC. Install it in you PC.
Step 3: Choose if you want to USB tether then connect data cable with your PC and left click on Easy tether pro icon in your PC and click on USB android.



Facebook is the top social networking site in the world with millions of users. People share their Photos videos and keep in touch with their relatives and friends. No doubt Facebook has many great features like we can chat with our friends, we can see their faces through video call and much more. The color of Facebook is blue and sometimes we feel boring to see only one color which is blue. Facebook is not like other social networking sites like myspace which allow users to change settings and customize their profile. Facebook only has one Blue color. Mark Zuckerberg (the founder and CEO at Facebook) is color blind blue is the "richest" color he can see — that's why Facebook's dominant color is blue. But don't worry about that with the help of some Browser's extensions we can change the Facebook background theme and we can change any color according to our like. There are many plugins by with the help of you can change some features like appearance, color and background images. Whenever you will do the customization with these extensions or add-ons it will only appear to you, not other users.

1. My Theme For Facebook

Step 1: Download My Theme For Facebook from here.

Step 2: Click on +FREE on the right side. The icon will show you on the right side on your Facebook browser page. Click on the icon and it will show you dialogue box from where you can change Facebook the

Facebook Themes (Facebook Theme Gallary)

This extension provides a gallery to allow you quick and easy access to available themes and styles to change your Facebook layout. Want to design and create your own? You can style Facebook exactly the way you want.  Change colors, add custom backgrounds and more! 

Step 1: Download Facebook theme extension from Here.

Step 2: Click on +FREE on the right side. The icon will show you on the right side on your Facebook browser page. Click on the icon and it will show you dialogue box from where you can change Facebook theme according to your like.

These are some Extensions in which you can change your Facebook Background theme thank for reading



Now a days internet is growing fast and used in each and every field. Internet is used in business, Banking, Paying Bills, Online Shopping, Education, Entertainment. People use to share information with others on internet and keep in touch with their friends and relatives through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp. Internet helps people to gain knowledge. Now a days every one as internet and people ask their Questions in google Because its easy to find any answer. Internet is a great source of entertainment like playing online games, Listening music and watching movies online. We download a lots of games, Songs and Movies  to watch them later Everyone wants to increase his download speed to download audio, video and some other things early. There are various types of tools to increase our internet speed. IDM that is Internet Download Manager is one of them. IDM is an efficient tool that divide our download file into segments and download each segment individually to increase our download speed and its smart capabilities can automatically fetch the download link in the page. IDM is very popular download manager but its efficiency can also be enhance more by changing some settings. we use Internet Download manager to download them fastly. But many times IDM speed was not well so today we discuss in our post how to increase Internet Download manager (IDM) Speed.

How to increase  your Download manager speed

How to increase IDM speed

Method 1: IDM download speed settings

Step 1: First of all open Internet Download manager if it is not running. In the menu click on Downloads and under the sub menu click on speed limit.
After that select turn off the speed limiter. now your next download will run with full speed.
How to increase internet download manager speed

Method 2: Increase IDM speed with IDM speed Optimizer

Step 1: First of all download IDM speed optimizer from here.

Step 2: Open the IDM optimizer.

Step 3: Before open the IDM optimizer make sure you exited the Internet 

download manager from tray.

Step 4: You will see the two buttons as shown in image.

Step 5.  Click on maximize Now

Step 6. Click on the restore button to restore the default settings.


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