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Almost all of us have Gmail accounts and sometimes we create more than one account depends on needs but deleting a Gmail account is a little bit confusing because it's little bit tricky. So if you are in the same problem so you are at right place There may be several reasons for deleting an account. So if you want to delete your Gmail account permanently immediately So here I will show you how to delete Gmail id permanently immediately with these simple and easy steps. So let's start our post In this post I will only write a few simple tricks to delete your Gmail account permanently.

How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently Immediately

These are simple steps follow these steps and see images to understand better.

Step 1: Open your browser and click on top right column in your profile picture and click on your Gmail account setting as you can see in image below

Step2: Now on the account page you will see some options click on Account overview and the click on the option 'delete your account or service'.

Step3:If you want to delete your gmail id then click on 'delete product' or If you want to delete the whole account then click on delete google account over to you.


This is simple trick in which you can delete Gmail account properly this is very easy trick choose the right option If you want to delete only specific product of google the click on delete products In this option you can delete your Gmail account, blogger account, youtube account, google drive etc you can delete your id from these types of google product or If you want to delete the whole google account along with all the products the click on the option 'delete google account' this will delete your full google account along with its products. If you have any more question or If i miss any thing or any suggestion will be appreciated or If you face any problem use comment box below.


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