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Android Phone are big source of Entertainment for everyone especially for children and Youngsters they used to play games on it, so that's why everyone like android phones cause they change the way of our lifestyle especially in Games now a days we can play high-quality graphic games in our smart phone without any problemAndroid phone are now very ordinary everyone can buy the android phone because of their cheap price. Android phones are cheap in price and because of their high-quality performance and everyone loving it. Android phones contain our huge persnol data some times we misplaced our phone or our phone stole by someone and we have also don’t have any tracking app.
Have you ever lost your Smartphone without having a device tracking app installed?
Then you should read this full guide to track your Android Phone

Method 1: Track your Device with Android Device Manager

Android device manager is built in tool from google to track your android device, for this purpose make sure your
Google account is connected with your device
The device has access to Internet.
Make sure Android Device manager is turned on by default.
If you think you are satisfied with these 3 requirements then follow these 3 steps
1. Login to your Google’s Android device manager.
2. You will be seeing directly all of your active android phones.
3. Click on your lost or stolen android phone now map will open and your mobile will located. If you find your phone nearly then you can do only three things from ADM website you can Ring and lock your android phone remotely and erase your phone’s data.

You can also locate your phone if your device is connected to google account and access internet then open in your PC and search for the phrase “Where is My Phone” and hit enter google tell you where it last time located. Now you can find your phone on that place. If you are not able to locate your android phone in this way may be any one disconnect your google account from your device or your device is not connected to internet. So keep trying to locate in this way if your phone is not even located with this method then try another method but if the thief or any one disconnect your Google Account from your device then I think it’s impossible to locate your android device.


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