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Rooting is the process of allowing users of android phones to take full control which is known as root access. Rooting is performed when the user wants to overcome the limitations and take full control on it. Rooting gives the ability to run special types of apps which want root access. Rooting did not change the whole of the structure or Launcher of the phone only one app installed which is ‘Super User’. Super Users permit those apps which grant root access. The big advantage of rooting android phones is to get permission to run special types of applications which don't run on nonrooted phones.
Now today we discuss how to root Android Phones like Greenify, Titanium backup etc these types of many apps required a special type of permission which is root access.

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There are many apps of android phones present which  root  phone if your phone did not root with one application then try another if any android application didn’t work then root your phones with PC software’s which I discussed at bottom.

Root your Phone with android apps no PC required

There are many apps present on internet which give root access or in simple words which root your phone with just one click as mentioned above if any android application did not work for you then try another if none of these android applications work for you then try to root your phone with PC software’s which mentioned at bottom of this post. I am sure these apps will work. So these are the apps:

1. Framaroot

Framaroot is an android application which is developed by XDA-Developers this is the best app to root an android phone with one click follow these steps to root your phone with Framaroot.
Know the Question is that how it works?

Follow these steps to root android phone with Framaroot.

Step 1: First of all download the latest version of Framaroot from
Step 2: Install it in your phone and run it.
Step 3: Go throw it and select this option ‘Install Superuser’.

Step 4: Now select any Exploit here it is Boromir or another Character.

Step 5: You will see J the device will reboot.

Your phone is rooted now Enjoy.
The world is not going to end with Framaroot if this app doesn’t work for you then try root master or King User or Kingo Root.

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2. Root Master

Root Master is also the best android app which roots your phone with in a minute with one click. Root master is similar to King User app and it also install super user.
Root master support half of Android devices including Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Lenovo, ZTE, LG, Xiaomi etc. It is easy and fast one click to get root without PC
In the world with over 70 million users are using root master to getting root.

How to Root Android Phone with Root Master (Easy One Click root app)

Step 1: Download Root Master App from HERE and install it in your phone.
Step 2: Open the app and click on ‘Start’

Step 3: Once you click it will start rooting and it show the message successfully rooted.

Step 4: Your Device will be rebooted go to the menu there is new app were installed  Called super user.

Congratulations your phone is now rooted.

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 3. King Root (One click root)

King Root is also like other one click root apps King Root allow you to root your phone with one click. The King root is available in both English and Chinese language

How to Root Android Phone with KING ROOT

Step 1: First of all download king root app from HERE.
Step 2: Install it in your phone.
Step 3: Run it and done.


Kingoroot is similar like King Root, but these are not same apps they differ from each other, but they do same work. Kingo root is the best and trusted app to root phone

Follow these steps to root your phone with Kingo root.

Step 1: First of all download the app from  HERE.
Step 2: Install it in your phone.
Step 3: Run it.
Step 4: Click the Option ‘Root’ and wait for few seconds.

Step 5: The device will reboot and your phone will be rooted.

I am sure your phone will be rooted easily by these apps if any one app didn’t work then try another. I am sure these apps will work.

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  1. Thanks man i rooted my phone :) also suggest me some apps to get start

  2. I root my phone with King User because my phone is kitkat thanks

  3. Hello
    My phone is not getting root I tried all of these apps please tell me some another apps so i can root my phone please admin i also check other websites and Blogs but i failed to root my phone admin do something

    1. @Ricky
      Please tell me which phone you are using

    2. Samsung galaxy Star Pro

    3. @ricky
      Ricky try KINGO Root for PC you can download Kingo Root from their official website I am sure your phone will be root let me know if you have further question

    4. Thanks Raheel I just downloaded the app and i got root successfully Thanks alot dear


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