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Hey, guys, today the post is about the review of an amazing app Psiphon 3. If you aren't familiar and have never used before. So, I suggest you read the whole review till the end  to know interesting features of this app. Previously Psiphon 3 was only available for android platform. People were searching Psiphon 3 for PC also. Now it's available on both platforms, windows as well as android. All versions of windows are compatible with this app. You can download Psiphon for PC down below.

Millions of people in over 200 countries around the planet are already connecting to the Internet using Psiphon app, the most robust circumvention tool on the web. Psiphon facilitates access to websites and services which are censored, blocked, or otherwise unavailable, no matter where you are in the world. Whether you can’t access your favorite news broadcast today, or want to provide an extra layer of protection when using public WiFi services, Psiphon widnowsis the best tool for accessing the open Internet.

 Download  Psiphon 3 for PC

Psiphon 3 for pc

What Is Psiphon 3?

Psiphon 3 is a censorship solution that allows users to connect their device to access block websites and special services. Psiphon 3 is a project of Psiphon Inc, this company is working since 2008 to make this app better for its users. This app helps you to surf safely and securely throughout the Internet without fear of security. By accessing this app you can use public wiFi without fear of credential leaks. The app is specially designed to provide its users an open access online content.

How Does It Work?

Psiphon works with VPN, ssh, and HTTP to provide you freedom. It works as a VPN client where you’ll connect and surf online. Psiphon for pc automatically starts connecting when you run it on your PC or android device. Connection to the Psiphon server is established when the green icon is displayed. In VPN modes, all the traffic automatically tunnel through Psiphon. You can use Psiphon vpn to connect.

Why Download Psiphon 3

Yes, there should some reasons to download this app.

  • If you are living in a freedom restricted country by using this app you will be free from censorship.
  • Want to surf securely while using Public WiFi? Psiphon gives you full security and Privacy.
  • Censored or authenticate by your college campus? Psiphon will get you where you want to go.
  • If your college or neighbors WiFi asks for account login, use this app to solve this problem.

Top Best Features of Psiphon 3 (Video)

  •  Free for personal use.
  •  Easy to download and install. No registration, subscription, or configuration required.
  •  Automatic selection of protocols to provide effective, reliable circumvention every time.
  • View how much traffic you have used with in­ app stats tracking.
  •  Featured on
  •  Psiphon is an open­source project subject to credible security auditing and open review. To find our source code and design documents, visit the project homepage:
Just check the official site of psiphon 3.

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I am sure you've download Psiphon 3 for pc. Let me know if you have any problem use comment box.



Facebook is leading social networking site in today's world. Facebook connects people to each other and makes the world more connected and open. Everyone uses facebook for different purposes like enjoyment, chatting or many people use facebook for marketing. Facebook is for everyone, Facebook has also some policies, facebook has a major contribution in making the world open and connected. Facebook has to build best and quick responsive help center to help people who have problems regarding their facebook profile, page or group.
Facebook has an exceeding limit of changing the name, which is 5 times, if you have reached your limit and you can not change your name before 60 days limit and still want to change your facebook name, Facebook help center is available and can help you 24/7. You just have to follow the steps to change your name on facebook before 60 days limit.

How To Change Name On Facebook Before 60 Days limit

  • Open your Facebook account.
  • Go to settings/general/name.
  • If you have recently changed your name then the name box will not accessible, then click 'Learn More' link.

  • After clicking on it, the new page will appear saying why can't you change your name then click on  'Please Let Us Now' link.

  • The new form will appear to fill it and wait for few hours.

  • Your name will automatically change before the 60 days limit.

It's very easy process indeed, by using this method you can change your name anytime, We hope you enjoy this trick on how to change the name on facebook before 60 days after the limit. Stay tuned for more tricks, Share this post and subscribe our blog for latest tips and tricks. Till then Peace!


Sometimes we install windows with bootable USB but after installing, its difficult to make it normal, if you have bootable USB and you wanna make it normal just follow the steps to get your USB back.

How To Make Bootable USB Unbootable

Method 1

  • Insert bootable USB flash drive in your PC.
  • After inserting, go to my 'My Computer.
  • Right click on USB flash drive and click on 'format' option.
  • A new pop-up will appear, now click the file system drop down menu.
  • Select the option Fat 32.
  • Now click on format button.
  • Wait for few seconds and it's done.
It's very easy to make USB unbootable, after making it normal you can use again your USB as a bootable USB. Probably everyone uses bootable USB to install any operating system on PC because  its easy, cheap (if you have already USB) and take less time.

Method 2

In second method we use third party software/tool to make bootable USB unbootable, it's also easy to process with just a few steps you'll be able to make your USB normal, this method is for those who are still facing problem with formatting process, because sometimes it's not working  and USB is just showing half of the total space.

  • Download Mini partition tool in your windows PC.
  • Install it in your PC and run it.
  • Insert bootable USB which you want to make unbootable.
  • In mini partition, tool finds the partition which is not showing by your USB.

  • Right-click on it and hit the extend option.
  • grab the space arrow to end as shown in a screenshot.
  • Apply the changes and wait for few minutes and done.
Mini partition tool is premium as well as free, it has many advantages like it can solve all problems related to storage, partitions. 



Android phones are highly customizable, upgradable then any other operating systems. They change the whole scenario of mobile phones. We can do a lot of customization like Installing any other custom rom, changing fonts, rooting and many other things beyond limits. When we are experimenting any custom ROM, custom recovery or any other thing which is related to flashing so, there is risk of bricking device. Then first we want to backup our whole android system including stock firmware to little settings. So when we have full backup of our device we can flash or install any thing without any risk that we will lost our phone, If device brick during flashing, rooting or any damage to System software. We can restore without losing any data and also we will back to our previous original stock firmware without loosing any thing. So, lets come towards tutorial here I will show you how to create a nandroid backup on Android Devices.

What is Nandroid Backup?

Nandroid backup is type of advance backup for android device to let backup whole android system including apps, system, data, rom, settings, accounts and every thing. 
When we are installing, flashing or rooting we got several issues many times we brick our device. So its neccesary before doing any thing we have to create a backup.

Method 1: Create Nandroid Backup From Custom recovery

To do a nandroid backup we have to install a custom recovery because stock recovery hasnt this feature. To Install a custom recovery read the article below. If  you are geek then you already familiar with nandroid backup if not so let me tell you nandroid backup is the backup in which you can backup your whole android system and data with in few minutes from custom recovery. For doing nandroid backup you have to Install custom recovery because its not possible in stock recovery of android phone. If you havnt install custom recovery yet?

  • Dowload the ROM Manager app from Google play store.
  • Open the app choose the recovery of your device.
  • Install it and click on reboot into recovery.
After Installing custom recovery follow these steps to backup your device.

  1. Insert an SD card in your phone.
  2. Power off your device and press power button and volume up button continuously to go in recovery mode (in some phones like HTC you have to press power + vol down button and then select recovery mode).
  3. If you have installed custom recovery then  you will find the option backup and restore select this option by power button and then select backup.
  4. Now wait for few  minutes till android backup completes.
Now you have successfully backup your system you can easily restore your device by following same steps above but instead of selecting backup now select restore.

Method 2: Create Nandroid Backup with Titanium backup

Titanium backup pro is a paid app for creating backups and to delete system apps. This app is for rooted devices If you have not rooted your devices yet? So do it now because without rooted devices its not possible, however if you have mtk device then you can create nandroid backup without rooting.
  1. After rooting download the app from Google play store and run the app.
  2. Open Backup/restore tab and click on Quick backup or any other suitable option depending on your needs.
  3. Thats it now you can easily restore that nandroid backup from your device.
So you have successfully created a bakup your device.

Method 3: Create Nandroid Backup On MTK Devices

Mtk device are devices are china devices which contain media tek chipset. So, if some how rom manager doesnt works for your mtk device then here is another method to create a backup of your phone. For this method you need a pc and also make sure your device is rooted.
  1. Download the Software Droid MTK tools .
  2. Install it in your PC and run it.
  3. Connent your Android Device with PC via Data Cable.
  4. When it detects your phone access the root shell .
  5. After doing this goto another tab of this tool and click on backup.
  6. Wait for few minutes for finishing and done!
These are few methods to creating backup. If you are still facing problem, share your problem with us via comments, we will surely help you



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